Coach harper standing next to himself, naked in vitruvian man style but with text covering his penis

Harper Capability in Action: Penile Tumescence on demand

The Harper Capability in action. These images are showing you the Health Erection – an erection on demand in absence of all sexual arousal and physical stimulation.

The Health Erection In Action

→ Sexual aspects can cloud the issue of Erection Performance.

→ Stripping out the sexual means a clear way forward to gain control of your body.

→ for good health virility

the erection coach with the health erection, that would be visible under track suit if text was not obscuring.

Unobscured image is here

Coaching You – to master the Health Erection

or indeed any erection.

If you can gain ar erection on command in the absence of any sexual arousal or stimulation, my job is done. Then you can go on and enjoy using it in any sexual situation you choose.

This is the the Harper Capability logo, where the p rotates round to a d so that harper, reads harder, which is what the harperCapability willl give. in action. This is me showing you this in my 50’s – after overcoming erectile dysfunction. If I can get control of my penis, then I can coach you to get control of yours – and enjoy the Harder/Harper Capability Health Erections any time, any place – even under your clothes. You will be in control.

animated image of an erection happening under track suit is visible

The Health Erection

There are many different types of erections, some arrive through sexual arousal, some as a maintenance routine, such as Nocturnal Erections. The Health Erection is just that a healthy tumescence for a body part to retain health, flexibility and strength.

Gaining this capability is great for an internal confidence that will help enrich all areas of your life.

penis obscured as an erection on demand is evident due to watching the shadow.

The Muscle Erection

→ This erection is gained purely from contracting and controlling the muscles attached to penis (penis root- perineum)

The full Unobscured video with me demonstrating the HarperCapability: is here.

In the video you will see that as soon as I stop the muscle contraction/squeeze, the erection subsides as quickly as it came.

animated image where you can just see top of penis poking out from logo at various stages of tumescence hands free erection on demand in 10 seconds
↑ On Command with mind control

The Mind Erection

This erection is less to do with muscle contraction (perhaps 25%) and more to do with mind control. This is all down to the wonders of brain plasticity.

→with the psychological aspects accounting for many erectile difficulties, this aspect can be very powerful in helping you gain superior erection control.

Unobscured full video is here.

This is just one aspect of the Harder/Harper Capability – Virility and how you feel as a man is an equally big part. However the erection aspect is easier to show.

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