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New Coaching program for 2024 is all about Your Virility

Nakedness in Images

→ Nakedness serves to convey the feeling or force that the HarperCapability will instil into you.

→ I’m aiming to show you – or give you an idea of that certain je ne sais quoi* that when used with my specialist penis root muscle contraction will work wonders for your virility.

→ However, I don’t want to unnecessarily subject you to view my penis either tumescent or flaccid: text explaining more, covers things up. You just have to work out the simple password – if you’d like to see the full extent of the HarperCapability force in action.

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Evolving Coaching

Pre recorded penis worship audios and Harder Erection Video Guide now includes live 1:1 erection coaching using all aspects of the Capability from specific erection muscle strenthening through to the Metaphysical

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Evolving Coaching

My coaching used to consist of solely Online pre recorded video coaching (Harder Erection Video Guide)at my other sites, now superseded by personal coaching in a new program: the p in the word harper rotates 180 degrees to become a d and therefore now reads harderCapability – your own personal coaching – where the focus is upon you and what you can do with your virility through Penis Worship Audios the Harder Erection Video Guide and ultimately a 1:1 withh me personally – to bring all aspects of your training together, over a period of 3 or 6 months as you choose.

en erect penis sticking upon naked man is obscured with text, flashing blue to signify erection strength ithrough spiritualness.

Unobscured image is here

You & Your Virility

Your personality and character affect your virility, as much as your physical body. They come first in the chain of events that result in effective tumescence. Later on down the line come the physical events such as hormones & blood flow, and then it’s back full circle to the deeper aspects – how your mind & body interpret the physical sensations, which then affect duration and quality.

Why it’s Changing

96 different training aspects make up the Harder HarperCapability: some of these will work wonders for your performance and virility, other’s less so.

You may need to look at the deeper aspects – you may not, but at least you’ll be sure that you are getting the right training for you as an individual.

Training that may be very cutting edge or very classical. Often both. Always intuitive, always natural.

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Something to think about

⅓ of HarperCapability personal coaching is psychological: involving your character:

..which affects your actions and your virility.. either +positively or negatively.

1:1 Coaching enables you to ↑increase the +positive

this then +positively affects how much you do the physical.

Equally the physical can be used to +affect the deeper you.

You are unique in the way you physically function, act and think. As all these are needed for successful tumescence you can now perhaps see why 1:1 Coaching with me in the HarperCapability is so valuable.

Why a new programme

coach harper standing next to nearly naked man in the Vitruvian man style

HarperCapability has proven itself in one year of trials to be the most effective way to improve erection quality. Results from HarperCapability 1:1 Coaching have been so good that all my efforts are far better utilised in what is the most powerful coaching – not only for sheer erection strength, but also the wider issues of Virility and how you feel as a man, as well as sexual satisfaction. So you see, that is why the previous Erection Coaching has evolved into the the p in the word harper rotates 180 degrees to become a d and therefore now reads harderCapabilitybecause it will not only help you perform, but also ensure you appreciate your maleness – in a profound way that enriches your whole life, personal & professional.

Why Virility Coaching

Erection Coaching is great, but it is not just the physical parts of you that affect your erection quality -it is also the wider you: the psychological, your personality and sometimes even the spiritual, but always it is the primeval force within you – that is so very individual.

Why Adding in Live 1:1  Coaching coach harper in a track suit

The type of training that you need is so individual to you, involving not only your physical health – because your character and personality also affect your virility and performance just as much.. With general exercising – to a degree one size can fit all, but with erection quality / virility, the physical training is just one small aspect – often the psychological and sometimes even the spiritual, or primeval force within can be instrumental in successfully improving virility as a whole. 

This means that the type of training you need is so individual – the only way it can be so relevant to you and therefore meaningful and powerful to your virility and erection quality is with a very experienced erection coach fully versed in the complexities of the deep psychological aspects and able to intuitively understand what you as an individual need.

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Audio,Video 1:1 & In Person Coaching

→ 1:1 Coaching matches one or more of the 96 training aspects of the HarperCapability to your individual, body & mind needs.

→In Action Images – Naked Natural & Unadulterated

That je ne sais quoi – that is in the

Does this saying translate in other language? English uses it as a way to describe a great unique feeling, that you cannot find the words for. When you gain the that is exactly it- a great unique feeling. What this feeling will be for you – will be individual to you. (Perhaps one similar that you may have had when a teenager, but better, due to added wisdom.)

Where to now?

More Info (video) – Faith in My Ability to Coach Your Penis Harder

→In Action – Naked Natural & Unadulterated – ImagesVideo

→ The Erection Coaching Index

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feel your penis grow and erect itself with HarperCapability
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