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1:1 penisBuddy – a vital part of Erection Coaching.

penisBuddy is free to all. Do you actually have anyone you can talk to about penis matters – or penis’s in general. It is so important as you can see from the image above – the opinions and beliefs we have about penis’s can be formed from unrepresentative sources – especiallly pornography which gives a distorted view of not just penis size, but also functionality. This in turn can have a detrimental affect to some of the Inputs into the erection process.

naked erection coach smiling, with text covering his erect penis

Find out about penis from a professional – that has seen / helped hundreds of men ↑sexual fulfilment.

As the Erection Coach II’ve seen hundreds of penis’s in all sorts of states of arousal and so if you want a true real life talk about any aspect of maleness, you’lll certainy get it from me. I not only know a lot about hundreds of penis’s but also a lot about the man behind them, as many erection issues can be of a psycholgical nature.

However it is not just about penis’s that penisBuddy is good for, but also to talk about maleness, sexualness and all sorts of issues that as you can see from the image – affect the erection process.


..a penisBuddy face of penisBuddy coach smiling in a knowing way for Members & Non members

  • 1:1 Erection Coaching Video Call(s) – for all Members accelerates hardness gain – identifying training aspects for tumescence control or a focus upon any training aspect: physical, psycholgical or sexual.
  • Chat, send progress images or videos at any time. Upon joining you get my number for open communication on the free to download, discreet messging App – Signal.

or → DM me on X at any time (Tell me your a member for priority response)

DM me on X at any time. (I’ll aim to respond within 2 days)

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3 Video Options:

  • A brief selection of Short videos are available on X.
  • Naked versions of the above – are below.
  • Members get Full Length versions of all the above plus many, many more, Naked, Natural & Unobscured Erection Coaching videos at HARDer Erection Video Guidevideo thumnails of HARDer erection video guide

More videos added every week (from July 2024)

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