Harper → Harder →?

Your Virility Matters!

→ My Name is Harper

→ My job is described perfectly – simply by rotating one character

→ That is what I can do for you – instead of rotating your name – I can rotate one part of your character to get control of your physical body then go full circle and affect the deeper virile you.

naked man torso as logo with the "p" in harper text rotating to read: "harder" and naked man spins round to reveal a bit more - hint about virility

I am Coach Harper – personally training you to attain the Harder capability.

Rise Up High, on Demand

Coaching for ultimate control, strength & confidence

Unobscured image is here

Overcome ED

Coaching in physical and the psychological for greater fulfilment.

man in a field with trousers pulled down - so smiling excitedly but with text covering his penis


Coaching for how you feel as a man, maybe it all starts and possibly ends with your penis.. or does it?

harper capability logo is coach Harper in style of vitruvian man

Porn Management

Coaching to use as a tool to in a quest for electrifying mind & body synergy.

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….where individuality allows you to progress from purely the physical ……and into the Metaphysical*

*The term metaphysical is used here to include anything in your life that has an inwardly energetic and invisible quality, that with practice turns into something you can connect to.

Coaching You – Naturally

coach harper standing next to nearly naked man in the Vitruvian man style
1:1 training with Coach Harper

1:1 Coaching

This is a personal service – I am your personal coach – a format that works.

Researched & Endorsed

Two decades of providing Online Video Courses and support condensed into personal sessions for you.

man in a field with trousers pulled down - so smiling excitedly but with text covering his penis

Personal Support

→ Your daily training practice may be physical, psychological or sexual. I’ll inspire you to add some pizazz into it.

I want you to enjoy whatever training I set you.

You’ll have my number for communication over discreet Signal App

So tell me about your day and I’ll tell you how to add some great training into it, that will nourish your mind, body and a bit more.

man unbuttoned jeans gesturing with hand

Giving You Strength

This is a personal service – I am your personal coach.

→This means it is useful for me to understand you and your life, as sometimes this bigger picture is the key to gaining all that you want or overcoming Erectile Dysfunction.

I help Men build the Virility control of their dreams.

I can help YOU do the same.

What does virility mean to you – a feeling deep inside that stays with you all day to give you that added something extra….

…..or simply to Gain the tumescence control (or other control) you want – whenever you want?

All you have to do is tell me what You do want.

Naked man with light flare in mind and lens flare covering genitals
naked man sitting with erection pointing up partly obscured with light glow, but head of penis just visible poking out

What is The Harper Capability?

en erect penis sticking up, flashing blue to signify erection strength

A Force Within

Deep inside the depths of your mind and body is an innate force that you will have – to keep you strong.

Healthy Erecting

The ability to gain tumescence, through an increased range of inputs with a greater variety of outcomes.

A Profound Capability

Once you have mastered the Harper Capability you will feel different – knowing just what you are now capable of.

Rise Up Higher

Age does not have to control your body response or your mindset.

I can give you the tools: to take control of Your body reaction, response with a depth and intensity of feeling.

Increase Tumescence

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