animated image of penis erecting- only penis tip is visible as rest obscured with banner

Harper Capability In Action – the Health Erection – Visible for all

No banners in the way – you can see everything if you can work out the password.

Password readily available for anyone over 18

Reading the text below will give you the password.

However please note this is for videos demonstrating the end result – this not the actual coaching, that happens on an individual basis.

Why a Password is needed?

For two reasons:

  • to ensure – only those actually interested in healthy virility improvement – get to see what is possible.
  • if you know me personally – ask yourself, do you really need to see me in this way? Probably not…

…. this is not me personally – this is my career – 20 plus years of research into this Health Capability – and that is exactly it: Health. If you do view these videos – know I am purely coaching men to get in touch with their own virility and then: Control It – using my – Harper Capability: that is not actually sexual – but is primeval, potent and inherent.

Password Clue

Just like one character of my name rotates to give my job title away – I coach you to rotate one part of your character to improve your virility.

Complete the sentence:

Harper Capability gets you _ _ _ _ _ _

If you are confused, please just ask me

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