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I use the picture above of myself as an example – just one of 100’s of ways to ‘tune in’ to the innate force within you, sometimes in a profound and meaningful way, but sometimes in fun way. Here a naked run or part naked run can do the trick for me as it makes me feel alive on many levels. This is just one of a few ways that I ‘tune in”, I can perhaps tell you a bit more about the others – once I know you more.

Ask me anything you want.

→ Open communication is key to gaining virility control and performance

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Inspirational Coaching

Wonder how you will ‘tune in?

We need to find your equivalent? It may be totally non sexual or perhaps involve a touch of naturism or nature on some level, or perhaps a hint or two of maleness/sexualness – all three can work wonders for the deeper you.

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Let’s find out what makes you tick…

You are individual – no one else is quite like you: physically, psychologically and perhaps spiritually – in a non religious sense – the innate force within you.

All of the many individualities you have influence, feed and drive your Virility.

Train smart

No wasting valuable energy and inspiration doing the wrong things. I coach you 1:1

Training Type. 96 different training aspects are involved in the Harper Capability → you may need just one or twenty one.

Training Method. Literally – you are so individual, no one else is quite like you – so we then need to find out what will make you train with the spirituality factor or by using that powerful innate force within.

Training Drive What will your training driver be? Your ultimate goal to keep in mind at all times – to ensure you make good choices.

Training Excitement The image above shows just one of the ways that I ensure my training is exciting. I have many, but this is the only picture I can perhaps tastefully show.

Ready to Start?

Innate urges within us are so strong, that if any part of our virility is reduced, fulfilment in our wider life is reduced.

Coach Harper 2024 (

That is why I coach you on a 1:1 basis in all steps of the Harper Capability – to attain the Virility you desire.

Personal 1:1 Coaching is the Way

The last 15 years of being the Erection Coach has proven what works. As the I pioneered face to face virility coaching, which then reached a wider audience with my online self service video course – enabling men all over the world to either restore their virility or maximise their potential. Along the way 1:1 sessions were offered. This led to the Harper Capability – a step by step personal mind- body and spiritual improvement program to increase or reset virility to gain fulfilment in life.

The Harper Capability has been proven to help more men than any other intervention restore or increase their virility, and rise up higher – plus it’s all natural.

Why 1:1

Because it works. Reviews are here.

It’s proven efficacy means I am 100% passionate and committed to the Harper Capability and so this is where I put all of my knowledge, expertise and force.

Which Aspects of Harper Capability will benefit your virility?

– 1:1 messaging and video calls or face to face allows me to firstly understand what you want aspects of your virility you want to strengthen. Then I will choose one or two of the 96 training aspects to teach you and enlighten you with – for you to practice before our next session. Training details here>

Don’t let anything diminish your virility

Ask Coach Harper how you can fight back with the naturally powerful Harper Capability.

Harderwith Harper The Game

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