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YouTube deleted my channel Erection Trainer: showing male anatomy to demonstrate how to overcome erectile dysfunction or simply see how hard you can be.

I chose YouTube as a platform because I like to start erection coaching with the Health Erection – in absence of sexual arousal, which was perfect for YouTube as my channel – Erection Trainer’s videos were not overtly sexual. It was a great partnership for more than a decade – helping thousands of men all over the world to overcome ED.

Why no sex?

To remove the subject of sex from erection issues, eliminates the performance pressure aspect – thus allowing a focus upon the inner man – what it is to be male. Once this flourishes – the sex aspect can be added in – this I continued with at my sites – predominantly and

Therefore YouTube served as a great introduction and a guide.

However that is now all gone and it seems such a shame that after 12 plus years YouTube pulled the plug.

Future Home for Videos to Improve Erection Quality

An introduction to my work with demonstration videos as the is vital – to help men understand that there is so much they can do to Naturallly improve their erection and sexual response. Therefore I will be reinvigorating my old twitter – account – due to their broader subject allowance. I have many exciting plans for this erection coaching introduction – one being my penis doing the coaching – lettting him explain what is good for him (and sometimes what isn’t!)

This very personal coaching will be available on X due to its ability to reach a wider audience, but for you of those who have already discovered me – it will be right here -starting with details of the Harder with Harper Interactive Game available to play starting July right here or on…

In the meantime please feel free to have a look around this site – it will show you how I can possibly enrich your whole life with some great Male coaching.

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