Harper Capability in action unzipped

Erection Trainer – deleted by YouTube, will be back

YouTube deleted all my videos in one foul swoop. For over 10 years I had been getting my penis out and showing all who wanted to see exactly where their erection muscle is and how to train it, so as to gain erection HARDness. Not a year went by when they wouldn’t remove one of my videos – but what I never saw coming was my total expulsion, and it is particularly devasting because all my clients actually came from this channel.

So at least I have my valued loyal clients, but I need to now up my social media game and aim to replace the presence I once enjoyed on YouTube with something else. For now I have decided to try X. It is very different to Youtube in the sense that I could put a training video up on YouTube and 1o years later it almost became more popular, whereas posts on X are very shortlived. However whilst I try my luck on X – if anyone has any ideas for me to spread the Male Coaching Word – then please do let me know, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

Taken from one of my youtube coaching videos

naked man with legs open, showing his pelvic floor muscle - ischiocavernosus and its affect to move penis

This is a clip of one of my first videos on Youtube over 10 years ago showing the muscle we are training.

Hers a video showing what I do. Whilst it is my penis and me being naked, it is actually not to say look what I can do, it is to say…

This is what I can do for you.

Coach you to gain control erect penis just visible under an overlay image - with animated text "tumescence' moving in to cover erection

Want it Naked, Natural & Unadulterated?

The unobscured video is here

you can get the password here

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