Your Secret Erection Weapon

Your secret weapon that lies dormant within you.

Trust me it’s there and you can use to increase your virility, based around one of the 96 training aspects of the HarperCapability, so as you start your coaching – one of them will either unlock or stir something within you. It could be anyone of the 96, or indeed a culmination of a few. One thing I can say though is, it will be totally unique to you.

→It may be – Physical, Psychological, Sexual or Spiritual.

Or something else as – you may be very unique.

Only available with the Video Coaching Member.

Why? Because often you will not be aware of what it is – within you – but it may be evident to me in something you say on text, or in your video call. More often than not, it happens in a Video Call, something you say, combined with your body language, tells me something about the deeper you and gives me a clear way forward for coaching you. (If I’m honest I don’t evaluate it too much as sometimes it’s best to let what someone communicates “wash over” without too much science involved as it then becomes more organic.)

Your secret force is explored during your 2nd Coaching Call

That is why your 2nd call should be saved for a time later on in your virility training, when you have strengthened your physical body, induced brain plasticity and connected to your penis and understood what virility means for you and your penis:

  • when you get that lightbulb moment or epiphany as a result of all your training coming together, giving you a profound sense of what you and your penis need
  • or when you don’t get the above, a coaching call will help explore the depths of either your physical body or your mind. This will all come from you – opening either your mind or accepting what your body needs or what the primeval you needs or wants.

That is why Your 2nd Coaching Video call should be saved ready for when it’s the right time.

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