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Frequently asked questions about the HarperCapability

? Can You help with….

The the p in the word harper rotates 180 degrees to become a d and therefore now reads harderCapability is all about erection control – with the ultimate aim of hands free erections on command – so this is definitely a possible for you – if you follow my lead. Interestingly, erection control and ejaculation control share many of the same characteristics or Inputs, and both the Penis Worship Audios and HARDer Erection Guide provide coaching for this – one covertly the other introducing a few techniques, however some extra coaching from myself, via Email, Signal or in your 1:1 Video Call can also be valuable. When you say multiple orgasms – I can help you achieve multiple orgasms – in the sense of that euphoric state we can have – such as whole body orgasm – an overwhelming feeling that spreads across the whole body and mind simultaneously before we ejaculate. However it is very tricky to gain multiple ejaculations if you don’t already – as this really seems to be dependent upon the “way we’re built”. Which is why edging is so good for those of us that can’t ejaculate multiple times – but we can have multiple orgasms before that great one powerful ejaculation.

What does the program consist of?

The harperCapability consists of 96 different penis root exercises, penis/mind techniques, indeed many other aspects – anything involved in the whole chain of events of the erection process from mind, hormones, blood vessels, penis muscles or even emotions or mindset – if it has any influence upon your virility and can be strengthened, improved or ‘tuned in” to it’s on the program. In the 1:1 video session I select the different aspects that you actually need – it is a personal 1:1 coaching service. However the most powerful erection coaching aspects are all iinstructed in the form of the Penis Worship Audios. Then – every training aspect (and I really do cover most things) from the conventional through to the primal is in the HARDer Erection Video Guide, So three different training mediums cover all aspects. If by chance something that you need or want is not in PenisWorship Audios or Harder Erection Video Guide, then chances are I can guide you/coach you with this in your 1:1 video call (or if local in person session).

Are there any pre-recorded training videos?

Coaching Videos covering the whole range of Erection Coaching aspects are available in the HARDer Erection Video Guide – plus an introduction into some other aspects that may help some. Once you have viewed a few of these videos and started your Penis Worship Audios – I can then do so much more for you by guiding you in the 1:1 with your own body – as that is what the HarperCapability is all about – Your body, Your Mind, Your Virility and connecting all three. The Videos are a great training guide but as you progress in your training – can be a distracting interruption from Your Inner sensations and Identity – whereas my guidance in the 1:1 wil become a power that translates within you into a focussed force that you can begin to use straight away.

How do I get started?

The training program consists of 96 different training exercises and techniques, physical and psychological, which I personally instruct you in – with Penis Worship Audios, Harder Erection Video Guides and during a 1:1 video call.

  1.  What is it you’d most like to gain from my coaching?

I ask this – just to ensure my coaching is suited to you. Chances are it will be, but there’s always a few exceptions – the mani one regarding the 1:1 Coaching. See below..

Am I expected to be naked in the 1:1 Video call?

YOU – The 1:1 Video call can cover any aspect – in virtually any way you want. Depending upon what aspect of the training either you – (or a joint decision between us) decide you need or would benefit you the most – naked may be either simply a personal preference – or a necessity in order to gain what you need. If you do choose to be naked – what you decide to show is entirely up to you – if the camera just points at your top half – I’d never know either way! What the camera sees is entirely your choice. But again this really is whatever you feel most comfortable with – or enthused by.

Me – I will always be clothed in a 1:1 Video Call. In every video in the HARDer Erection Video Guide, I am naked, so you will have seen me in all sorts of ways already. A video call is all about you, your body and inner male identity feelings. I am there to facillitate these wonderful feelings within you and am there as a clothed instructor/coach/guide.

How much of a time investment is required on a daily basis? 

A few minutes every day is a must, which is something even the busiest man do. Any more time than 3 minutes will give quicker results, but it must always be done in a sustainable way – so that you make a habit out of it – for every day going forward. I will aim to ensure that you love your training and actually look forward to it.

If your question is not answered you can ask me, anything anytime.

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