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The value of a penisBuddy

Do you have another guy, to talk about penis matters with? Communications about your penis, erection quality and sexual fulfilment are a vital part of Erection Imrovement not only to know what you can do to improve, but if indeed you need to improve the things you think you do.

Knowing this can give you an attitude you never had before – something which is fundamental for erection strength and sexual fulfilment – especially as the decades roll on.

Penis Communication makes us feel good about our penis and in turn this affects our Male Identity which goes on to have a profound effect upon our wider life – personal and professional.

here’s an introduction to just a few of the toics….

How do you form your penis beliefs?

If it is from pornography – this needs to have a warning. The best penises (howver that may be judged) are the ones that are displayed more and more which can lead to unrepresentative penis opinions being formed which can erode any man’s ego/attitude, which after all is one of the Inputs into the erection process.

It’s not all about erections

It’s about blood flow, as more blood flows in to a flaccid penis – it gets thicker and longer – There’s more coming on this subject sooo – look out for MTR – My Tumescence Rating. So you see our flaccid penis has many different states – 1-4 (on the 1-10 MTR scale) and improving each on of these helps us feel good.

Feeling Good helps our penis out

It is not just a general feeling of good – but we are looking to do with a specific ‘feel good’ feeling. There are so many ways to increase feeling good, but I want to address the Erection Attitude, or Penis Attitude or Maleness as it is all of these that make us feel good in a way to affect our penis control and blood flow.

Simply Complicated

Yes our penis just wants lots of blood – so more blood flow into our penis gives us a greater sense of our flaccid soft penis, and an excitement as our penis erects to become harder and harder. And there is my job – to improve this blood flow, but here is a few of the Inputs we need to train that will increase bloood flow…

Here is the chain of events that lead to increased blood flow – and remember – a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

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The Chain of Erection Inputs
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