Audio And Video to Complement 1:1 Erection Coaching

Audio’s and videos to assist you with the Harder/Harper Capability.

Not to be relied upon

I won’t be giving you many as I want you to discover the joys of training for yourself – and there’s no short cuts – you have to practice what I teach you in your Coaching call.

It is important for you to really focus upon what the coaching I give you in the call – to then in the following days – practice it. Only after you have done this – practiced it and ‘felt it’ for yourself – may I direct you to one of these coaching videos:

  • to either gain another element
  • recap what you should be doing and feeling
  • or for additional guidance or motivation

The reason why I don’t want you to rely upon video or audio coaching other than to initially inform you of the technique is because if you have practiced the techniques on your own you will be able to do it absolutely anywhere, even in a sexual situation when you need an extra boost, so you see I am preparing you to be strong and independent in the future, and sometimes a video can distract from your mind’s awareness of what is happening with your penis, your testicles, perineum, anus, prostate and the Male You.

Email / Text Message Support

In the months after your call I will still be coaching you – individually explains what I want you to do. Sometimes I may need to show you a video or an audio. This is where they’ll be.

Once you’ve become a member, I’ll give you the password for the audio or video that you need.


Daily Workout for Mind & Penis

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